Loudoun County middle school students holding fight clubs; principal warns parents

The J. Michael Lunsford Middle School community in Chantilly, Virginia, is talking about fight clubs after the principal sent a newsletter to parents explaining and decrying the phenomenon.

Principal Carrie Simms said students had created social media pages showcasing and advertising the brawls, which she says spread onto school property after starting off-campus.

“We cannot tell you how to parent, but when your children create TikToks and Instagram pages using Lunsford’s name and then attempt to hold these fights in our hallways and bathrooms, we will take action,” Ms. Simms wrote in a newsletter to families, acquired by WJLA-TV.

Parents did not get off scot-free in Ms. Simms’ scolding; she accused some of knowingly hosting the melees in basements and garages. 

School officials are not allowed to disclose details about the fight clubs, as the matter pertains to school discipline.

The clubs had grown elaborate, with some students creating challenges, brackets of fighters, and even taking bets on who would win.

In an attempt to thwart the violence, the school took away the students’ 20 minutes of social time before classes on May 19 in what Ms.Simms termed a “reset.”

“Unfortunately, some students created a very unsafe situation for all and we needed to be able to start our education for the day in a calm manner,” Ms. Simms concluded the newsletter.

There has not been any indication from Loudoun County law enforcement that it is involved or that any charges have been filed against any adults for hosting the fight clubs in their homes. 

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